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Curacao and the Floating Village

On the west coast of the island of Curacao lies Spanish Water, a large area of inland water that’s connected to the sea only by a narrow entrance. The protection from the sea is total and the surrounding hills provide some shelter from the wind. I went there for the 2017 hurricane season partly because

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About the Boat

I have, at long, long last, completed the “About the Boat” page of this website. There, boat nerds will find all kinds of details about Moonrise. More normal people can just look at the pictures. Enjoy! James Cartagena, Colombia. 13 December 2017

Bonaire – May 2017

It was great. But after months spent island-hopping around the Eastern Caribbean I really wanted to go to sea again. Properly. And having decided to leave, I left. The first dawn at sea was as special as they always are. The sun came up revealing a completely empty ocean. No land, no boats, nothing but

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I like Bequia. The people there are friendly, move slowly and smile a lot. When I bought a coconut from a guy selling them from a barrow and mistakenly left it behind, he came running after me with it. That’s the kind of place it is. The anchorage is large, sheltered and free of navigational

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Dominica looked stunning from the sea, with steep mountains from end to end all covered in lush green rainforest, so I broke my already fractured voyage to Martinique once more and took a mooring near Dominica’s capital, Roseau. I’m glad I did. Yesterday I walked to town to check-in with customs and immigration. On the

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Well, that didn’t quite go according to plan. When I left Deshaises on the northwest tip of Guadeloupe this morning I knew I’d be in the island’s wind shadow as I sailed down its west coast but I didn’t expect the wind to be quite as fluky as it was. Seventeen knots from the south

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Transatlantic in Hindsight

I arrived at Barbados on 2nd March 2017, 21 days after leaving the Cape Verdes. So, how was it? How was this voyage, for so long anticipated, planned and feared?  I’ve allowed a while to pass before writing the answer in case the passage of time allowed a longer view to emerge. But actually I

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Atlantic Crossed

I arrived in Barbados this morning. The Atlantic crossing took three weeks and was rougher than expected. I’ll write a proper article about it in the coming days and find some broadband internet access so I can include some photos with it as well as adding some to the posts I made while at sea.

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Crossing the Atlantic

When I started to write this article I found that the beginning had a familiar ring to it, and after a while it dawned on me that I’d written it before. It’s called “Leaving” and it’s the first blog post on this site, dated June 2016. In it I describe leaving my home port to

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Atlantic Islands

ATLANTIC ISLANDS Since leaving the European mainland I’ve visited the Madeira archipelago, the Canaries and the Cape Verdes. Porto Santo, Madeira The Madeira Archipelago is made up of several islands. Madeira itself is the biggest, two are uninhabited and kept as wildlife sanctuaries, and the fourth is Porto Santo, which I visited. Measuring only 11km

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