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Wednesday 28 September 2016        Leaving Mainland Europe.


There’s no wind at all here in Cascais and it’s roasting hot. Light airs are forecasted for the foreseeable future but I’m leaving today anyway, heading towards Madeira, a small island about 500 miles out into the Atlantic.


I’ve not posted anything here for a while so my apologies for that. I do have some words and lots of photos of my time in Portugal. I’ll assemble it all into some sort of order over the next few days and post it when I next reach port.


Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi James, it was great to see you in Cascais. Safe passage and don’t eat the beans and cheese too quickly as I am not sure when the next resupply will occur. Best, Dave

    • Good to see you too, Dave. And thanks for the emergency supplies. How do the Spanish and Portuguese cope without baked beans? I mean, really. They’re essential to life, aren’t they?

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