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Cawsand Bay

Sun 12 June 2016 Cawsand Bay, Plymouth, UK Last week I ordered some charts from Sea Chest, the chart agent here in Plymouth (and the best one I know anywhere). I’ve come out here to anchor in Cawsand Bay to wait for the charts to arrive. I could sail off somewhere while I wait but

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The Solent, UK

Sunday 05 June 2016          The Solent, UK. I met up with my friend Nick on Friday in his home port of Portsmouth. Today we’re sailing West through the Solent, him in his boat and me in mine. I’m not a racer but like most non-racers I enjoyed the competition and the banter, texted back and

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Fri 03 June 2016     Brighton, UK.   So. This is it then. I’m leaving. Right now. Er, well, here I go then. I’d like to describe it as a momentous occasion but really it wasn’t. Quite literally years of planning, preparation, research, learning, practicing, lots and lots of commuting and slogging away behind a desk,

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