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Cascais to Porto Santo

28 September 2016 Day One Light airs were forecast for the foreseeable future but I felt the urge to be on my way so decided to leave nonetheless. I was expecting a slow and gentle passage but as I emerged from the land’s shelter I found the wind to be blowing at over twenty knots.

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Leaving Mainland Europe

Wednesday 28 September 2016        Leaving Mainland Europe.   There’s no wind at all here in Cascais and it’s roasting hot. Light airs are forecasted for the foreseeable future but I’m leaving today anyway, heading towards Madeira, a small island about 500 miles out into the Atlantic.   I’ve not posted anything here for a while

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Fri 03 June 2016     Brighton, UK.   So. This is it then. I’m leaving. Right now. Er, well, here I go then. I’d like to describe it as a momentous occasion but really it wasn’t. Quite literally years of planning, preparation, research, learning, practicing, lots and lots of commuting and slogging away behind a desk,

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